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Vice Chair


Booking Secretary


Registered Charity No 515450

Previous Updates

Added new page for Hall Information

Started a Function Layout page

Added Emergency Procedures

  and 1st Aid Box to Hall Users

Hire conditions - Rule 14 ammended


Updates January

 28th New Vice Chair


Updates February

  15th  Added to Forth Coming Events  

                           & User Reqests      

  15th  Updated Groups Using Hall

                         Conditions of Hire


Updates October

  25th  2nd Update Forthcoming Events


David LeRoy

Kevin Scanlan

Penny Cassidy

Doreen Hawkins

Barbara Mortimer

Roy George

Gordon Hall

Mick Ainsley

Julie Lawn

Carol Jinks

Miner's Welfare Hall

56 Main Street



LS25 1AA


0113 232 0421

Caretaker - Mick Ainsley


User Group Requests

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